Tensión en Turquía: #occupygezi

Aquí en la sección de entorno de nuestro blog acostumbramos a ofrecer breves análisis de eventos económicos y políticos que seguimos y que afectan o pueden afectar a la evolución de los mercados y las empresas en las que invertimos. En esta ocasión, aunque no tiene repercusión alguna en las inversiones de ROBUST, queremos haceros llegar una interesante descripción de primera mano sobre lo que está sucediendo ahora mismo en Turquía.

Se trata de un correo que nos ha llegado esta misma tarde a través de un compañero del sector, que ofrece la visión personal y profesional de un broker de uno de los principales bancos turcos que, tras pasar 4 días en las protestas, respondía así a la pregunta sobre la situación. Su repuesta viene acompañada de un reportaje fotográfico del movimiento #occupygezi.

«I will try to show you two sides to this mess we are in:

1. Professional side: PM Erdogan is a man who does not negotiate & does not give in, especially when the demand for change comes from his opponents. Therefore, he will try to crush the demonstrators by continuing to use extreme police force. He will continue to ignore our (“our” because I have been with the protesters for 4 days) demands, by oppressing the media not to give coverage to whats really going on, and by trying to change the agenda. Can he be successful? My answer is unfortunately yes. Therefore, the international investors don’t need to panic at the moment.

2. Personal side: PM Erdogan did receive 50% of the votes in last elections; he is very much loved & adored by his supporters, but the 50% that did *not* vote for him do hate him. Thats not because of secularist-islamic issues, but mostly because he is rude, hostile & ruthless towards people that don’t support him & his policies. Being among the protesters for 4 days, I’ve seen high school & university students (literally sons & daughters of my friends), doctors, judges, lawyers, bankers, artists; in short people that make this country work unite against him. Its not because he is pushing Islamic principles, but because he refuses to respect his non-supporters, because he thinks he can tell everyone how to live, how many kids they should have, what they should think, etc. So, all this protests against him are the result of 11 year oppressive policies against the people that made this country work for 80-90 years. People are angry, sad, and dont know where else to go for help other than the streets..

I am trying to make my clients see the reality in Turkey, but it’s quite difficult to see the real picture unless you actually live here and feel the pressure. Unless the US & EU pull back their support for PM Erdogan & his AKP, things will calm down on the markets level & all ongoing projects will continue as before. Thats exactly what I am telling everyone.

Hope I was able to answer your questions.
Visit: http://occupygezipics.tumblr.com/ If you really want to see whats happening on the streets of Turkey.”

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